Life Resources

The Battlefords Immigration Resource Centre can provide assistance to newcomers in settling into life in Saskatchewan.  We are able to offer newcomers access to a variety of services including:


In Canada, the government provides citizens and residents with access to health services.  The Staff at the Centre can provide you with information on:

  • What kind of health services are covered with your provincial health card
  • What you need in order to visit a hospital or a doctor
  • What things you DO need to pay for when you visit a hospital or  doctor
  • What benefits are and how they work to cover some medical costs


When newcomers arrive in Canada, there are many options available to assist in starting a new life in Canada.  Many newcomers begin to look at options for buying a vehicle, a home, and start saving for their future.  The Battlefords Immigration Resource Centre frequently hosts information sessions in conjunction with other organizations, and can provide information and assistance with:

  • Personal banking and benefits available to recent immigrants to Canada
  • Saving for the future (RRSP’s) and saving for education (RESP’s)
  • Mortgages and loans
  • Building credit


There are many ways to enjoy Saskatchewan with your family through all the seasons of the year!  We can provide you with information on recreational and family activities available to you in your area.  We often host events to welcome newcomers to the community and get involved in Canadian pastimes.  We are able to provide you with information on how you can get involved in:

  • After school and recreational activities for children and families
  • Team sports and seasonal outdoor activities


We are proud to be able to offer assistance in other areas of getting settled in Saskatchewan.  If you would like to more, just ask us!

  • SGI
  • Service Canada
  • Taxes

We are Here to Help

Our experienced team is dedicated to offering you the best possible assistance. Let us help make your immigration journey an easy and successful one.