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Whether you're curious about the application process, want to understand your rights and responsibilities as an immigrant, or have questions about visas and residency, our resources have got you covered.

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We provide services to newcomers who have arrived with different immigration statuses, including work visas, student visas, permanent residency, and family sponsorship, among others. Our range of services includes settlement assistance, community connections, employment support, language programs, youth workshops/activities, and temporary foreign worker assistance.

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Immigration and Visas

Immigrating to Canada involves applying for a visa, either long-, or short-term. At the Battlefords Immigration Resource Centre, we can give you information on what types of Canadian visas there are, and which may be most suitable for the situation.

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Life Resources

The Battlefords Immigration Resource Centre can provide assistance to newcomers in settling into life in Saskatchewan.  We are able to offer newcomers access to a variety of services

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We can offer assistance to newcomers who would like to continue their post-secondary education, register for English classes or start out by applying for a Study Permit.

We also match newcomers with community-based volunteers to practice English, as well as give information on specialized work-related courses.

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Translation Services

Staff may be able to arrange for a translator to be present to help you when discussing:

  • Information related to Immigration and Visas, Life Resources or Studying
  • Making appointments for the doctor, dentist etc.
  • Registering for classes or courses (EAL, work training etc)
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Regional Services

North Battleford Region

Regional Newcomer Gateways are first-stop welcome centres for newcomers arriving to Saskatchewan. Gateways assist newcomers to find the information, resources, services and people they need to make their new life in Saskatchewan a success.

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Foreign Credential Recognition

If you have education from another country and would like to put it to use here in Canada, we can help you understand the process of getting it recognized. Many different professions/educations require different processes to become recognized, and our staff can help you determine which the right path is for you.

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